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Santa Marta Bay is touted the most beautiful bay in America. Is it possible? It’s enough to look at an aerial photo of the bay or sit across from it on the docks, on the boardwalk, or view it from the terraces of the hotels enjoying the Caribbean breeze and precious sunset while the boats drift by in the background … and you’ll agree.

But not only is it the prettiest, but it’s also the calmest. Recognized by sailors from around the world to test its waters. It is not an exaggeration when we say many of these sailors cancel worldly plans and end up staying in Santa Marta. This is the magic of Santa Marta.

Enjoy the peace of the bay because of the protection offered from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada – the highest coastal mountain in the world. They become a natural barrier that blocks the choppy waters and storms, even hurricanes that rip through other Caribbean paradises don’t bother visiting this bay.

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In Santa Marta Bay a gentle breeze blows: The Santa Marta people call it “loca” in a loving way. Perhaps because the breeze likes to play with dresses, lifting the hemline of the beauty ladies passing by, or, perhaps, because it blows out the candles of some boats that look for safe docks in the marine. The Marine of Santa Marta is the most modern in South America, and one of the most visited and, undoubtedly, safest.

So with these characteristics, it’s only natural the first Spanish colonizers founded one of America’s first cities here. For this same reason, the bay is an important commercial point, part of a first-class hotel infrastructure that has been built around these calm waters. Moreover, because of it, the bay abounds with restaurants that offer a selection of delicious foods for every palate, appetite, and price range. And if there’s one thing to be said about the people from Santa Marta, it’s their exquisite knowledge of ancestral flavors: African, aboriginal, colonial and mestizo. The flavors of Santa Marta will make you want to scrape the bottom of the pan!

Bahia de Santa Marta Bahia de Santa Marta

After your banquet of exquisite foods, why not take an late afternoon, evening stroll along the boardwalk. Enjoy the view of the bay, the sailboats slipping over the calm waters, the seagulls crowing, and looking out to the horizon where the line between the sea and sky blurs. Wait for the sunset, as the sky sets fire to the sea.

And the night in the bay dresses in colors and flavors – a Caribbean kaleidoscope dazzles with its lights, bewitches with the thrums of music. The bars and clubs open their doors and hips begin to sway to the rhythm of the Caribbean. Enjoy a tropical cocktail and start to dance.


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