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    • Juice, juice, juice: zapote, borojo, guanabana (sour sop), passion fruit, tree tomato, níspero, corozo, mamón, tamarind –  and those are just a handful. Colombia’s fruits are exotic, flavorful, and fresh, fresh fresh.
    • A new favorite is coconut lemonade. Delicious, sweet, tart … a phenomenal combo.
    • Fire water (Aguardiente) … Yep. And it burns going down. An anis-based liquor that Colombians love to drink when they party.
    • Coffee. Are you surprised?
    • Aguapanela: water sweetened with un-refined panela sugar. It’s common, in colder areas, to be served hot with cheese. It’s also used to sweeten lemonade and other juices.
    • Favorite beers are: Aguila and Aguila Light … Colombia also has Club Colombia and Poker. The micro-brewery trend is just reaching Colombia with some pretty phenomenal beers brewed by The Bogota Beer Company, Apostol and others. It’s not so common to find micro-brewery beers. They’re coming, though. Just wait!

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