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Food - Gastronomy - Santa Marta

Santa Marta’s cuisine is an exquisite mix of flavors: Spanish, African, indigenous … all next to the sea. So fresh fish and seafood abound that incorporate tropical flavors (coconut and fruits) to create exquisite dishes.

  • Carimanola: Cassava stuffed with meat and cheese, served with chili sauce.
  • Arepa de Huevo: Fried maize arepa stuffed with egg, served with chili sauce.
  • Coconut rice: Most dishes in the region are served with coconut rice – especially seafood or fish.
  • Dulce de Name (Name sweet): A delicious dessert made from cassava
  • Cocadas: Butter/Coconut cookies
  • Sweets made from coconut and yam and cassava … abound!
  • Seafood soup with lime and chili pepper to add kick.

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