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Restaurants - Where To Eat

From afternoon snacks, street food, to high end restaurants, Santa Marta and its neighboring municipalities cater to all travelers!

La Canoa Café-Cultural

Cl 18 3-75 | Centro Histórico, Santa Marta, Colombia

Located in Santa Marta’s historical center, this is a low to mid-range priced cafe with breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner options. Great, fresh ingredients. Great coffee and sweets. A ideal place to stop for a mid-morning, mid-afternoon treat.

Cocteleria Juancho:
This street stand has been a local favorite for over thirty years, and now it’s crowded with everybody wanting a bite. And with good reason. Two words: prawn ceviche. Yep. From a street vendor, and you’ll only regret it if you don’t try it.

Lamart, Gastronomia Artistica
Sometimes it feels a little forced to call your food “artistic”, but Lamart doesn’t disappoint. Asian, Peruvian, Contemporary and International Cuisine are all available here for reasonable prices. Great portions and flavor fusions with fish, carpaccios, ceviche and more.

Josefina: La Comida de Siempre

Calle 22 Con Carrera 17A Esquina, Santa Marta 00000, Colombia

Colombian food at its finest! Sweet plantain with mashed eggplant, fish dishes, cilantro, chili sauce, and dishes that make you feel like you’re eating at your grandmother’s house. This is a quaint, inviting restaurant that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is.

Tierra Negra: Cocina de Origen Contemporanea

Calle 15 #1C-40. | Parque Bolivar, Santa Marta 0000, Colombia
Again, don’t let the strange name fool you. It sounds pretentious and doesn’t make much sense, but the seafood, desserts, salads and other choices do Caribbean food justice.

La Bodeguilla del Rodadero

Rodadero , Calle 6, No 1-26 | Rodadero, Santa Marta 47002, Colombia

Italian/Mediterranean cuisine known for its great variety of dishes. It’s a respite from the typical seafood dishes from area restaurants. And, its location on the beach make for breezy evening meals.

Donde Chucho:
Clle 19 #2-17
Its signature salad: shrimp, octopus, calamari, and manta smoked in olive oil is the ideal way to start your meal here. It’s touted in The Lonely Planet as the best seafood on the coast. So, it’s best you stop by and give it a taste.

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