The Bolivariano Museum of Contemporay Art - Santa Marta

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Santa Marta is a historical and cultural city, not staying in the past, but being at the forefront of contemporary cultural expressions. So, brush off the sand and dry off the sea water. Get dressed up and ready for your date with art, history and culture.

If you’re ready to take a break from bustle of the beach, the sun, sand, and salty sea, immerse yourself in culture. In the Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino, the post-humous residence of the Liberator, where art, nature, sculpture like the Caracol Caribe, el Cóndor, the Monument to the Fallen, and Solar Panel #1 prevail.

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The Bolivariano Museum of Contemporay Art houses a diverse selection of work from contemporary Latin American artists including paintings, print makings, drawings, water colors, sculpture, collage, photography and video. There are three permanent collections in these rooms: Alejandro Obregón, Armando Villegas and Enrique Grau, in which over 200 works of art are a testament to the thirty years the museum has served its community. Two other rooms (Hernando del Villar and Galeria Espacio Abierto) house itinerant collections to make sure the museum keeps up with the latest tendencies and work of national and Latin American artists. And, if you’re fortunate, your visit with coincide with La Trienal de Acuarela (the Watercolor Trienal), an artistic event of great importance in the artistic scene in Latin America

Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta

The museum also offers the opportunity to learn about Santa Marta folklore, offering dance, theater, poetry readings, and Caribbean music concerts in the Joaquín de Mier and Benítez Auditorium.

Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta Museo Bolivariano de Santa Marta

And as the museum is located in La Quinta, you can enjoy a day of history, culture, and learn about some of the most interesting art tendencies in Latin America. What a great way to give your body a break from the sun and feed your mind.


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