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To escape the heat of Santa Marta, visit a coffee town located in the mountains, surrounded by the jungles facing the sea. This impossible beauty, taken from a fairy tale, is only possible in this magical paradise where reality is much better than fiction.
Minca is an extraordinary place to rest, contémplate nature, renovate your body and spirit with the energy that comes from the “Heart of the World.” Located on the foothills of the Sierra, 14 kilometers up from Santa Marta, it’s easy to get here by car, bus, on the back of a mule, just minutes to get from the heat of the tropical beaches to the cooler mountains.

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This precious Eden was once inhabited by the legendary Tayrona. Now, amiable farmers live here, a life of tranquility. Here, you’ll have a chance to interact with amazing people who rarely use the word “stress.” They’re not caught up in the buzz of the big city and their lives are infused with great vibes of nature.

Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta

Perhaps the secret of the people of Minca, their energy and joy, is that they know the secret of spending their time well. It would be wise to follow their example. They wake with the sun. There’s nothing like the cold, clean morning air, impossible to get in the city. And nature abounds. The Minca River, a crystalline gift, flows down the mountain and fills the air with the symphony of running water – filling water wells like the Pozo Azul. Letting the water run over you allows you to soak up the same energy that the ancient Tayrona people once honored and nurtured.

Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta

In harmony with all ecological excursions (horseback riding, walks along the bridle paths, or going upstream in the crystalline River Minca, through the tropical jungle that is home to monkeys and other mammals, as well as hundreds of butterflies and exuberant flowers). Minca is an ideal place for bird watching. Some of the best zoom lenses can catch the hummingbirds’ rapid flight as they approach flowers to drink nectar. There are more than 600 species of birds in the Sierra, and in Minca, you can observe over 300. Among them are the orioles, tucans, owls, woodpeckers and more. For those interested in more serious bird watching, the El Dorado reserve, two hours away by 4X4, is an ornithologist’s dream.

Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta Minca Santa Marta

And the balconies of the beautiful homes compete for attention with the view of the Sierra where you can gaze upon the foothills of the Sierra that melt into the sea and the city below that shines like a treasure under a sapphire night sky. These eco-lodges are ideal for romance

Don’t settle with seeing the Sierra from afar. Live the experience. Minca is an incredible place for you to live the pulse of the heart of the world.

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