Mouth of Buritaca - Santa Marta

How many times will you have the chance to bathe in clean, sweet swater to, right after, splash in the sea? This is a rare combination that satiates water-lovers dreams. Head to Mouth of Buritaca, a small population 48 kilometers from Santa Marta on the banks of an incredible river to experience this unique opportunity.
The clean river that descends from the Sierra into the Caribbean sea is located here in Mouth of Buritaca. The contrast between the sea and sweet waters is spectacular: it’s like two friends meeting up as one current pushes the other. It’s almost impossible to see where the river ends and the sea begins, as the sweet water melts into the sea.

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And the formation of the estuary is of inconceivable beauty. A peculiar mix of river and ocean beaches provoke relaxation while you sit back and enjoy the exquisite panorama. Be careful, though, with the currents and battle of the waves. The river has a mellow current, but where the river and ocean meet, it gets choppy and can be dangerous.

Bocas del Buritaca Santa Marta Bocas del Buritaca Santa Marta Bocas del Buritaca Santa Marta

The things we most value in Mouth of Buritaca are its romantic enclaves, ideal for spending a night listening to the symphony of the river and sea under a cloak of stars. And, during the day, if the heavy clouds don’t cover it, you can see the immense and majestic snow-peaked mountains of the Sierra.

For those who’ve gotten their rest, take advantage of the beauty of the sunrise. And slip into the waters in a kayak, up river, to explore. You can enjoy hours of activity for a moderate price. You can even rent the kayak for a full day to take an adventure up river and head toward the Sierra Nevada.

Now, the only thing you have to decide is whether to dip into the sweet waters of the river, or the salty waters of the Caribbean. What a predicament!

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