Mundo Marino - Santa Marta

Open to the public for over 15 years, Mundo Marino premiums investigation, conservation, education, and recreation around innumerable examples of vertebrae and invertebrae that inhabit the precious sea of Santa Marta. There are more than 20 aquariums in the collection that delight both big kids, little kids, and the kid inside of everyone.

Mundo Marino brims with over 276 beautiful species of sea life making it a privileged place for anyone to visit. Open to the public, it has a little something for everyone.

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There are qualified guides that can lead you through the aquarium, sharing stories, facts, and the history of the underwater world of the Caribbean. There are moments where you can feed certain species including the cat sharks and manta rays.

Universities, schools, and other organizations both public and private book tours to Mundo Marino because of this unique opportunity to not only learn about sea life but also the opportunity to have direct contact with sea life. The aquariums are technical masterpieces so you feel like you’re submerged in the sea and exploring – without any of the risks that might come from being in the water!

Mundo Marino Santa Marta Mundo Marino Santa Marta

Close to the Rodadero, practically on the beach, getting to the aquarium is easy and convenient. The entrance fee is reasonable. It’s a wonderful day trip for the family!

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