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Places of interest - Santa Marta

The cradle of magical realism, Magdalena – the department where Santa Marta is the capital – is a place of mystery and enchantment, history and lore, a place where reality blends with fantasy, where surreal becomes the norm. Santa Marta is a favorite holiday spot for Colombians and now international travelers. Santa Marta is the gateway to one of Colombia’s most spectacular national parks – Tayrona ; to some of Colombia’s most lively and interesting fishing villages – Taganga; to Colombia’s enchanted ruins – The Lost City; to the tallest, seaside, snow-capped mountain in the world – La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; and home of some of Colombia’s thriving indigenous communities -- Kogis, Arhuacos, Wiwas, and Kankuamos. And the city itself has spent the last several years restoring the city center, its Colonial architecture, and preserving a nook of history on the sea. With the added bonus of fewer tourists, many people are opting for Santa Marta over its sister city, Cartagena, these days. Santa Marta is a great place to spend a few days on sandy beaches, indulging in sun and rest before climbing to lost civilizations and discovering some of Colombia’s most beautiful corners.

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