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Yo salgo es a “buscá”/ mi mojarra frita camarón/ chipi chipi y mi caldero de arroz/ yo voy “ganao”/ ¡huy! mi mojarra frita camarón…

One of the the biggest hits of Systema Solar, a Caribbean group with all the flavor of the coast impregnating the fiber of each of its integrants, begins with these magical, joyful lyrics. And they couldn’t find a more beautiful place, coherent with their flavor of music than Taganga to film the video.

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Our protagonist (and that of Systema Solar) is the small, coastal fishing village that is privileged with a mild climate, surrounded by mountains with gentle slopes, dotted with small trees. Its natural lookouts are watching as the sea merges with the heavens where fishing boats glide over the bay

Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta

Time passes slowly in Taganga and only comes out of this bewitchment when fishermen throw their “trasmayo” (net) with superb technique and get their catch of the day. They color the afternoon with music and laughter.

Getting to Taganga is easy. Take an intercity bus from the center that goes directly to the village. It only takes 15 minutes to arrive to this paragon of tranquility. The trip there, though short, is filled with beautiful scenery that you can appreciate from the window.

Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta

For being such a small village, Taganga offers a phenomenal multicultural scene that is known for its tolerance and cultural exchange. The famous hostals of the village promise an opportunity to forge all kinds of identities. And since backpackers converge here from all over the world, it’s not uncommon that many of them stay, settle in, and start up small businesses inspired by big dreams. The Ballena Azul Hotel is a clear example of this kind of entrepreneur endeavor. These newfound Taganga residents end the day gazing out at the breathtaking sunsets, knowing this is where they will plant their roots and grow.

Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta Taganga Santa Marta

Taganga boasts beautiful corals and a rich marine life. The sea off Taganga’s shores is one of the Caribbean’s best places to scuba dive. For this reason, diving and snorkeling are some of Taganga’s most popular activities. There are diving shops that provide this service to travelers, including diving lessons, excursions, and certification courses with the most up-to-date equipment. Taganga is a starting point for many other places, rich with bio-marine and beauty in Tayrona National Park: Isla Aguja, Granate, Neguanje, Gairaca, Bahía Concha and more.

Prices are competitive, and the quality of services and diving instruction are unbeatable. In Taganga, the joy of the people is seen in their smiles and contagious kindness. The sea provides travelers with unlimited adventures. Local restaurants give the best of the Caribbean, with the best seafood and Caribbean cuisine on the menu: pargo, snapper, shrimp, lobster, and many other Santa Marta delicacies.


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