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A nature adventure while stepping into the past is a remarkable experience while visiting Santa Marta. Tayronaka is a phenomenal program when you visit Santa Marta: eco-tourism, archeology, and a spiritual connection fuse together in one place. 56 km from the city and 20 km from Tayrona, the footsteps of another civilization and culture are outlined on a path.

Pack water, a hat, bug repellant, sunscreen and don’t forget your camera. Take the intermunicipal bus from Santa Marta to Riohacha and ask the driver to leave you in Don Diego. From there, it’s about 200 meters to the reserve’s parking lot where a guide can take you to the door.

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Starting at Puerto Ospina, you can take a boat to Taironaka, that promises a glimpse to the past and relaxation today. The Don Diego river, an artery that feeds the green grasses of this natural reserve, shows us why the ancient inhabitants chose this place to settle. It’s been inhabited by descendents of the Tayrona: Tagangas, Gayras and Koguis.

Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta

As soon as you get off the boat, you’ll be enveloped by colors and smells of this jungle paradise that embrace an archeological treasure. While crossing over rock outcroppings and walking through this natural reserve, it’s no wonder Captain Ospina Navia, founder of the reserve, called it “El Capi.” He so loved this land that he fought for its preservation and restoration.

It’s worth stopping, first, at the Tayrona Museum to understand the people and civilization from thousands of years ago. There’s an important collection of aboriginal artifacts: hunting tools, musical instruments, gathering baskets, even urns and daily articles that showcase the life of the people who once lived here.

Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta

This is just a small sample of what you’ll encounter in Pueblito or the apotheosis of this ancient civilization as seen in The Lost City. Taryonaka is the ideal place to experience and see the fathers of archeological remains in Colombia.

The stepped stone terraces, cobble-stone paths that circumvent the village, connecting the huts and sophisticated aqueducts engineered by ancient architects.

This environment takes you to a world from hundreds of years ago where you can explore and experi

    ence provisional huts of the Kogui, used as refuge from a long trip to and from the Sierra.

    Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta Taironaka Santa Marta

    These homes, called “cansamarias,” give visitors the opportunity to observe religious rituals and learn about, from the mouths of a Mamo (tribal leader and spiritual guide of the descendents of the Tayrona) impressive stories, anecdotes, and the culture of the Kogui, Arhuacos, and Wiwas in the Sierra.

    In the same vein, and in line with the brotherhood between man and nature that was honored by these tribes, the Tayronaka cabins live up to the task with their eco-lodges. Far from the city, from massive tourism, a little Eden exists. The lodge has four precious cabins with a total of 9 bedrooms, capacity for 23 people. Stay a while and seep up the history and life of the jungle in this mini paradise.


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