The Rodadero Santa Marta

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Children can’t contain their joy, covering their mamas and papas with sand. Grandparents lay out in the Santa Marta sun. Innumerable groups of tourists battle it out in beach volleyball. And the more daring go jet skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing. The Rodadero bubbles with activity and the bustle of a busy Caribbean beach.

Laughter and music are part of the Rodadero’s landscape. This is the most popular and frequented beach in Santa Marta: beautiful mountains, coconut palms, and a Caribbean breeze that ripples the water all complete this colorful painting. As soon as you cross the street that borders the palm trees and sands, you’ll want to run into the water and one of the Caribbean’s best seas.

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The Rodadero is filled with tourists that spill from the buildings and hotels that surround it, all in a bee-line for the coast and that first taste of the sea.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy including nautical sports: aquatic bicycles, banana boat parties, speed boats to cut through the waters looking for the best places in the bay to fish or scuba dive.

And just a few minutes in speed boat, you can visit the Aquarium and the Museum del Mar where you’ll have a unique opportunity to see, up close and personal, the phenomenal sea life found in the Caribbean including marine turtles, manta rays, dolphins, sharks, sea urchins, and the most colorful fish of the underwater kingdom. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to learn about the tight relationship between the Tayrona people and the sea.

Rodadero de Santa Marta Rodadero de Santa Marta Rodadero de Santa Marta

And if spending a day on this busy beach isn’t enough, wait until the sun sets and get ready for Caribbean nightlife. The Rodadero is a hot spot for partying: vallenata, salsa, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, crossover music … the music will take you on a journey of rhythms all night long until the sunrise.


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